Thursday, 12 June 2014

'Writing Space' is coming

Many of you have been wondering exactly what is happening with the web series we announced and shot last year. The last time I updated this blog on the subject (or on any subject for that matter) was back in February and some were wondering when it would be released, so I thought it was time for an update.

When it came to editing Writing Space, I ended up taking on those responsibilities myself in order to save a freelance editor the horror of having to work with a complete control freak like myself. I had a very specific idea of how Writing Space should be edited and had enough experience in the field to feel confident I could handle it. The problem was my day job and other commitments meant I was only realistically able to dedicate weekends to editing the series.

Which was fine at first, I made a great deal of progress very quickly once I started in January and our original planned launch window of late March was looking good. But then in mid February I was offered a couple of freelance writing opportunities I simply could not turn down. As a result, I went from having my weekend's free to dedicate to editing, to trying to cram an hour or so in here or there while I tried to balance short writing deadlines and a 50+ hour a week day job.

And that doesn't take into account our TV podcast Nothing But Static, which I also edit and upload myself (See Second Paragraph... "control freak"). So you don't have to be a mathematician to see how, time wise, this may have hampered my progress when it came to getting Writing Space finished. But thankfully I eventually caught up on all this work and by mid April I was back to editing every weekend, no longer weighed down with other commitments.

In early May I announced post production was completed on the web series and since then we have spent the majority of our time getting feedback from our peers and friends and making small changes to the series based on this feedback. Also, something that didn't occur to us until we needed to do it, is how much there was to consider when it comes to releasing a web series like this. Everything from the marketing and release date to deciding what service we would be using to distribute the series all had to be arranged, and to make it worse, each one effected the other. So we found ourselves trying to get all our release plans straight through most of May.

But we have now finally settled on all those details and am happy to announce that Writing Space will be launching on July the 1st from the Nothing But Static YouTube Channel. And new episodes will be released every Tuesday through July. In total there are 6 episodes of Writing Space to release, all around five and a half minutes in length.

We are immensely excited about finally getting to show people what we have been working on all this time, and really encourage people to subscribe to the channel and share the content with friends once it's released, as that is the only way this sort of project survives. We are also planning on releasing some Nothing But Static related content along side the web series, such as short discussion videos and top ten videos relating to the subject of TV.

So that's all for now. I'll leave you with the first of two 'In Character' video trailers Chris and I created separately in order to promote the series. We hope to see you in July for more!

Thanks for reading.

-- Dan