Monday, 10 February 2014

So what's 'Writing Space' about?

As many of you are already aware (mostly because I won’t shut up about it) Chris and I have been working on a web series for a little over a year now. Some of you may even remember the blog post I wrote late last year announcing we were producing the series, and the two subsequent posts detailing the writing process. (Found here and here)

Since then we managed to successfully shoot the thing (I know, and I assure you, I am far more surprised we actually managed it than you are) and are now neck deep in post-production.

That in mind, I find myself facing an undeniable truth… it actually exists. It sounds odd to say, but I am genuinely having trouble getting my head round this fact. For so long it was just this passion project that existed in some shared fictional universe that existed only in minds of Chris and myself. But now I can look at it. Admittedly, in a very rough state with wobbly sound and no colour correction as we develop it…

But, it’s a tangible thing now. Not nothing, but something.

So as it has now occurred to me that people may actually be watching this thing at some point, it might be worth me finally explaining what it’s about.

Writing Space is a 6 part comedy web series presented in the style of a documentary that follows two struggling writers and their failed attempts to be creative and avoid completely winding each other up.

The premise is that a fictional documentary crew, having lost their original (more interesting) subject are forced to quickly put together a piece on the lifestyles of screenwriters by documenting the lives of two writers they found last minute on craigslist. But they got a little more than they bargained for with this highly dysfunctional and mildly delusional pair.

Essentially, the project is made up of the documentary crews footage of the two attempting to work combined with talking heads for context. Many of you will no doubt be instantly reminded of The Office or more recent American comedies like Parks And Recreation and Modern Family. But we share only the mockumentary style of filmmaking with these comedies. Writing Space is more comparable to a sketch show, only all of our sketch’s involve the same scenario and characters.

So, a comedy about screenwriting… I know, very original. Chris and I also happen to be playing two characters called Chris and Dan who have previously taken a sketch show to Edinburgh Fringe Festival and written on a web series. Well... they do say you should write what you know!

And indeed, Chris and I have based much of the web series content on our own attempts to break into the industry in order to give it authenticity. And while the characters have elements of Chris and I and their lives are eerily familiar, their personalities and how they interact with each other are mixed around to suit the situations and are greatly exaggerated.

Chris isn’t nearly as irritated by me in real life as is depicted here…


I should go. I need to go apologise to Chris for the last five years...

Thanks for reading.

-- Dan

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