Thursday, 15 August 2013

Shall we try that again?

So a brand new design and a brand new attempt to reinvigorate this blog. Which, as an endeavour, the realist inside all of us has already probably dismissed as hopeless. Not that I'm giving up at the start line, just acknowledging the fact that I've spoken of bringing this blog back in the past and to put it mildly, I don't have a great track record of success. So there is a chance I may become distracted again and the consistency of postings may falter, but in the meantime I'm going to try and enjoy it while it lasts rather than beat myself up about my inability to post regularly.

Those few among you who follow me on twitter may already be aware, but it's worth repeated for the purpose of this post that my writing partner Chris Billingham and I have completed the final draft of a script for a new web-series. And we are very pleased to announce that production on this particular project is currently scheduled to commence on the first week of November 2013. We are producing this one ourselves on the rather indulgent budget of zero pounds and zero pence. Calling in an obscene number of favours from friends to do so.

The script we currently hold is a massive source of excitement for both of us and will likely change in small ways between now and when we ultimately shoot the project; this won't help me memorise my lines, but will help make it better. With that said the script we currently hold is pretty much what we set out to make all those months ago.
'All those months ago?' you probably aren't thinking, 'this is entirely new information to me the reader'. Well, as I just hinted, this particular script has technically been in development since December.

That of course doesn't mean we've been working on it non-stop for nine months. Which I'm grateful for, because while Chris often displays an abundance of seemingly infinite patience, I think nine straight months of working with this maladjusted and picky perfectionist would have most certainly caused him to snap and stage an 'Accident' involving myself. I suspect something involving stairs, and me 'falling' down them, that seems like Chris's style. Or perhaps a long swim in a shallow grave after one of our famous romantic walks along Bournemouth pier.

Theoretical murder aside, it was actually a fairly quick and smooth experience that suffered from frequent and lengthy periods of interruption due to scheduling conflicts. So there would be months where Chris and I would simply find ourselves too busy with other work and our podcast Nothing But Static to be able to develop this script further. Not that we see ourselves as important jet-setter types who are above the notion of fitting stuff in, we just had enough stuff going on to make it more challenging to schedule than our lazy nature would permit. But it never once left our minds, which is mildly remarkable considering how easily distracted we often are. No matter what, we always found the time to come back to it eventually.

I feel that this script, more than anything else we have ever worked on, truly reflects our writing voices, and that fact is in itself immensely exciting. Although this may have something to do with how close the subject matter is to home. A lot of my satisfaction stems from knowing the execution of the concept is almost exactly what we had originally envisioned those nine long months ago. And now we are facing the daunting and arduous task of taking this forty five page script and organising a production that will turn it into six viable episodes of a web-series.

Despite the obvious challenges that lie ahead as a result of trying to produce a fairly sizeable production with less money than the value of a freddo. But we think we have something really special on our hands and cannot wait to show everyone. More details will be posted on this blog as we go forward regarding the content of the scripts as well as updates on exactly how badly our production has fallen apart.

And then, someday... if we're lucky... I'll be typing the words 'Introducing our new web series... Writing Space'.

Thanks for reading.
-- Dan

Edit: Since this post I have written another two part piece describing the writing process for this project. Part one can be found here and part two can be found here.

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