Thursday, 7 June 2012

'Nothing But Static' - Coming Soon!

Over a year ago this blog came to its biggest screeching halt yet in the form of me taking a position as writer for In recent months I have stopped writing for the farmyard to give myself more free time to spend on other, more career oriented, projects. That said I still find myself with the uncontrollable urge to discuss television. What can I say, it’s an obsession.

So naturally I have been turning to my writing partner and Liquid Lunch co-star Chris Billingham to discuss the world of television on an uncomfortably regular basis. Basically I’m the ‘Bro’ equivellant of a clingy girlfriend, only he can’t break up with me (no matter how hard he tries). In an attempt to quell my desire to discuss TV, and to make time spent doing this feel productive, we have decided to start recording these conversations in the form of a brand new podcast called “Nothing But Static”.

It will be a 1 hour (ish) discussion on the subject of television and will likely contain several unrelated tangents relating to other aspects of pop culture or even something entirely inane. Over the past month we have had several recording sessions and put together a handful of “Practice” episodes, Pilot episodes if you will. We won’t be releasing these episodes of course because the point was to avoid forcing any potential listeners (Hi, mum) to listen to us learn how to do this. Of course, that’s not to suggest we have everything figured out now, far from it, but we certainly had a few pressing problems to address early on.

This first episode, entitled “Cliffhanger”, will be available tomorrow on iTunes and will likely also be embedded in this blog and is, among other things, on the subject of endings in television and whether audiences are “owed” closure when they invest in an ongoing series or not. Like I said, expect tangents and even a few swear words. We had a blast recording and since this is less time consuming that my electronicfarmyard work it’s a fantastic outlet for me to warble on about TV without detracting from my writing time.

We’re hoping to open the podcast up to guest’s in future as well so feel free to throw us suggestions of people you think might be fun to have on. Also, we ask you please keep in mind that due to distance, we record over the internet so the sound quality is far from perfect, something we intend to improve as time moves on. We will be posting one episode every two weeks, although we do not have a set day yet, but I think it will likely be every other Sunday or Monday.

So feel free, nay, encouraged to subscribe via iTunes and unsurprisingly you will be able to find the show on your social network of choice at the following links. (Twitter forced us to loose the ‘G’, as a writer I died a little inside typing it that way)

Also you will be able to email us directly at (Once again, a small piece of me died)

So that’s everything, feel free to subscribe to our show on iTunes from tomorrow and keep your eyes on any of the above sources for updates and links once episodes are released.

Thanks for reading!

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