Monday, 18 July 2011

Introducing "Narratively Minded"

This blog has always been a little bit of a problem for me, it sort of represents an inner conflict I often have when talking with people in real life. My passion is TV, Film and Screenwriting and I often internally wonder how much to talk about it with others, because not everyone is as passionate about it as me or even interested in the subject at all.

This blog often suffers from the same conflict, I want to talk about what interests me, but also want everyone to be able to read it regardless of their interests. So recently, when I was asked to write a regular column for a website on the subject of television I jumped at the chance to take my love of television elsewhere in order to leave this blog free to be whatever it wants to be.

So, this is all my long winded way of announcing Narratively Minded.

My new weekly TV column for The Electronic Farmyard. A fantastic website which is looking to expand the topics they cover in their content. And as a result of my desire to keep the column nice and broad so I don't limit myself, the column can thankfully be summed up in about 50 words...

"The wonderful world television from the perspective of a narrative obsessed wannabe screenwriter; who each week will discuss a very particular TV related topic which has momentarily captured his imagination before becoming distracted and rushing through some of his scattered thoughts on the weeks new shows, ratings and news."

The first edition will be about the biggest winners and losers of the 2010/2011 US TV season and I got so carried away writing it that the lovely people at the Farmyard politely suggested splitting it in two... because it's far too long. So, part one of the column will be online on Wednesday the 20th and the second half will be online on Friday the 22nd.

Of course, between this new column and my new job, this blog will likely only have occasional updates, but I'm sure anyone still reading is more than used to that by now, instead I hope you can come visit me at the Electronic Farmyard every week where we shall make merry and write words about stuff...

Thanks for reading.

-- Dan

PS: Don't worry, I won't do PS's on Narratively Minded... I'll reserve that particular pleasure for those of you who read the blog.

PPS: Look at that, a short blog... I CAN reign myself in occasionally!!!

PPPS: Nah, I'm just hungry and couldn't be bothered writing more.

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