Friday, 27 May 2011

The "Liquid Lunch" Launch Blog

Ain't that title a mouthful?

Anywho, so the day has arrived, the new web series I'm in and co wrote has finally started.
For anyone interested, here are the first two episodes, with four more to come every Friday for the next month.

So, there you have it, visit every Friday for the 4 weeks for more episodes (or you can subscribe to our youtube channel at

Any feedback? Fantastic, we would LOVE to hear from you. You can leave feedback on the youtube pages for the episodes or at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Rather conveniently, these are also great places to get updates when new episodes are available.

Now, we don't have a huge marketing budget... or a marketing budget at all. A project like this survives/succeeds based entirely on whether the people who enjoy it spread the word or not.

If you enjoy the show, please share with your friends. A simple tweet or status update on Facebook is all it would take. If you do, I'll buy you a cake.

Alright maybe not a cake... a mars bar or something. Or a freddo, there cheap.

In all seriousness we would really appreciate the support.

Take care all.
-- Dan

PS: In honor of the occasion there will be no PS this week... DAMN IT!

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