Friday, 17 September 2010

Blogging... more work than it looks.

The thing is, on one hand, I truly wish I could update this blog more frequently... or at all for that matter. But on the other hand I flat out refuse to let this blog devolve into some drivel about what I had for breakfast this morning. (Coco Pops if you must know).

But this presents a problem for me, because it turns out writing a blog that actually has some substance is a lot of work, more work by far than I initially expected, and I'm a naturally lazy person. So I either resort to writing drivel (Yesterday it was toast) because it's easy and allows me to remain lazy or I finally get off my arse and do this thing properly.

So I've decided to continue my lazy ways... so I'll update again in about three months... see you then!

Only kidding, I've decided to make a proper go of this blog, writing about things that people actually might want to read about...

So for a start I'm not going to talk about myself anymore. Because it turns out I'm not really interesting enough of a person to be the focus of a blog, the lack and quality of my posts is evidence of that.
If I'm honest I don't think many people are interesting enough to be the subject of their own blog. I'm not dismissing the blogs out there that do focus on the lives of their authors, I just feel that there are more dull stories about people's daily routines than interesting ones, and I simply don't want to fall into that trap, because only a few can really pull that off.

So, instead of talking about myself I'm going to write blogs with substance, with meaning, with some form of subtle social commentary...

OK, on second thought, not that either. Somehow I doubt I can pull that off.

That really is the dilemma here, I'm not sure what I have left to offer the world of blogging...

Wait, can I rephrase that? By using the word "Left" I made it sound as though I at one point HAD something to offer the world of blogging.
And as far as I can tell the most I've ever contributed to the world of blogging was a series of inconsistent posts with little direction, a constant stream of apologies for the lack of updates and several promises to get my act together that never actually came to fruition. (And lets be honest, this post may very well turn out to be the latter.)

So what's left? What could I possibly offer the internet?

Maybe I WILL have to resort to posting more pointless rubbish. (I'm having porridge tomorrow, yes that's right, I plan my breakfast ahead.)

Wait, no. That's what Twitter is for.

I guess it's finally time to do that thing I've threatened to do since I first started this blog and actually start talking about screenwriting, TV and film type stuff.

Yes that's right, like a parent trying to get my kids to behave I'm finally going to have to follow through on my empty threat to show I'm not to be trifled with...

So from this point on this shall no longer be a directionless blog, I'll be writing about about films and TV style things.

So watch this space...

Thanks for reading.

-- Dan

PS: And no need to worry, I'm no retiring my PS's under this new regime. They just might be about screenwrite-y stuff instead.

PPS: Who am I kidding, their probably going to be as full of nonsense as ever.

PPPS: And yes, I am aware I made this very same promise ages ago and didn't follow through... what can I say. This may be an empty threat after all.... just like with my parents. They never did actually turn the car around.

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