Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wading Through The Ocean Of Mediocrity

Who doesn't love YouTube?
An infinite store of endless entertainment.
Of course, that's not quite the case is it? Because YouTube is on the internet. And the internet, as a rule, is diametrically apposed to the notion of quality control.
So while some very talented people and quality entertainment does exist on YouTube, I think it's safe to say there is an ocean of mediocrity and garbage to wade through before you can find it. So I figured I would search through the sea of shit that is YouTube so you don't have too, here are a couple of videos I like.

First up, as a little warm up, a video that shows a douche pretty much being a douche and getting exactly what he deserves.

Now, maybe I'm just a miserable shut in/hermit but I really don't see the fascination with chat-roulette. For those of you who are blissfully unaware and have managed to take a single step into the internet recently without stumbling upon chat-roulette. It's basically a skype type chat service where you hit a button and are randomly connected with a complete stranger, who presumably just did the exact same thing.

Now forgetting the unnerving potential to connect to someone to find the screen filled with a 40 year old mans genitals, there is something about this service which is completely beyond me.
Isn't this exactly the kind of thing your parents warned you about when you first got an internet connection?

But in truth, as much as I don't particularly like or have any use for this service, millions of people do, and some people are already using it to show off their talents, or fuck with people.
This next video is an example of someone using chat-roulette to showcase their piano and impov skills.

This person on the other hand used it to fuck with people, I warn you, this video is a little harsh.

I have a friend who's first reaction to that video was "Why didn't I think of that".
Which in truth, was my second thought after "that's pretty cruel."

Now, to lighten the mood, here is a video that proves that toy companies don't really think things through.

Poor Simba, although I'm pretty sure that wasn't in the movie, unless there is an unrated version I haven't seen yet.

Anyway, now I'm going to show you some people that are incredibly talented. Six drummers to be precise. This staged film shows them breaking into a house and using it to make some amazing sounds. And let me tell you, they put stomp to shame.
It does take a sec to get going though, so the impatient amongst you should just skip to about 1 minute and ten seconds.

Another thing that has become popular on YouTube lately (Apart from the annoying trend of Emo kids filming themselves mouthing along to their favorite depressing songs.) are remixes of already existing songs made by some other very talented people. Some of these are really truly brilliant. But here is my personal favorite, it's called "Office Musik" and is a mash-up of the theme to the American Office and Lil' Wayne's "Hustler Musik"

And I want to leave you with this clip, but trust me when I say it's best I don't introduce it, just have a look. But remember, no matter what your expecting, it won't be this.

Thanks for reading and watching.
-- Dan

PS: If I ever do a blog like this again, I might go for a horror theme and show you some of the scariest videos on youtube. There are plenty of really well made ones.

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Tom Chettoe said...

I enjoyed this blog =] especially the lil wayne and the american office theme tune mash up.