Monday, 1 March 2010

A Facelift And The Future

No guilt ridden opening paragraph about my lack of updates this week. It's unfortunate but I'm in my third year of university and that's keeping me plenty busy thank you very much. I really don't need any excuse beyond that while I'm working on three essays and the script for a feature film.

I have managed to give the blog a small face lift today after some constructive criticism about the colour scheme. Mainly, the purple text on the black black background which has become a small trademark of sorts that I was fond of. But realistically the criticism was valid, as nice as it was to have something that was marginally unique and consistent with my old blogs and sites, it was very difficult to read the text and after a few minutes could force the reader to strain their eyes and give them a headache. So here it is, slightly more dull but at least readable, white text on a black background with purple bits here and there. I also stretched out the width of the page itself as it wasn't filling the screen and was wasting space on either side. And with climate change and all that, I really didn't want to seem wasteful of anything.

In regards to questions of why this blog is even running anymore when I haven't been updating it regularly since early 2009. Well, in truth I do have plans to use this thing alot more regularly once I finish university, but there will be a refocus in the blogs content, which will no be more geared towards Television, Movies, Screenwriting and more specifically, the projects I'm working on. There will be regular updates and post about my work, weather it be the short film I'm contemplating shooting this summer or the audio drama I'm toying with producing as a podcast in the future. So hopefully that answers the question of why this blog is still running. Although to be hones, one of the main reasons I kept it was because I quite like having a email address. Make's me feel all professional.

So watch this space.
Thanks for reading.
-- Dan

PS: Everything regarding the future in the above post is highly dependent on weather I survive the process of writing my dissertation or not.

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