Thursday, 27 November 2008

The Directionless Blog (AKA: I wish I hadn't posted this)

Well, since it's been a while, I wanted to write a new blog for you lovely people, but simply couldn't think of anything to write about, so here it is, a directionless blog. Just some thoughts and such.

Actually, while I'm on the subject, sorry its been so long. Had an absolute beast of an essay kicking my ass the last few weeks. Which I handed in today thank you very much. It's quite satisfying to know that no matter how rubbish it is, its out of my hands at this point. Which I admit is quite a backwards way to look at it, but my mind thinks what it thinks.

Any TV I watched this week seemed to be horror in genre. Not intentionally, that's just how it worked out. Of course living alone and watching loads of Horror isn't recommended because every damn noise I hear somehow suggests the start of a zombie apocalypse in my mind. Of course, the sound of the drunken pillocks wandering past my window and shouting soon brings me back to earth... shame really. Those twats would be much more tolerable as zombies, and quieter.

Speaking of Zombies, finally caught up on Dead Set this week. How brilliant is that show? In fact, even if it was dreadful I would tell you its great just because it includes a Zombie Davina McCall. And that's worth its weight in gold. Also, quite liked all the Jabs at Big Brother and all the thick people who watch it. Really fantastic television. Anyone thinking about watching it and not wanting to be spoiled should not read the next paragraph. You have been warned. Anyone who hasn't watched it... why not? Go buy the DVD you fool.

Really enjoyed the build up to the Zombie invasion, because it was set somewhere that exists during something I have seen myself before, that somehow made it a little more real. Also, very satisfying to see that bastard of a producer get torn limb from limb in the last episode. Odd thing is, everyone kept telling me that the ending was awful. So many people in fact, that I contemplated not wasting my time watching it since so many people seemed to dislike it. Fellow Scriptwriters as well. People who's opinion I trust. But seriously? It was a perfectly adequate ending. Come on people, its a Zombie piece. And everyone knows there are only three ways to end a Zombie piece. The protagonist either survives till the world is saved, finds a way to save the world themselves or the Zombies kill/turn EVERYONE and the world is left defeated and Zombie-tastic. Dead Set went with the latter, either killing or turning every character into a zombie. Which works perfectly well. How else could it have ended?

Actually, speaking of Big Brother, I had a brilliant idea about that earlier in the week.
What if, to fuck with the housemates heads, when eviction night rolls around instead of the doors opening and the housemates hearing either cheering or booing for the evicted housemate. What if they heard nothing but silence. Followed by the sound of a single gunshot. Taking notes channel four? I hope so, because nothing short of that's gonna bring back your audience.

Anywho, saw a brilliant license plate the other day. It read "P1MP".
As if that wasn't funny enough, the guy in the car it belonged too was at least 70.

That was pretty weird.

Well, safe to say I'm never doing this again.
What was I thinking? I have way too many stupid pointless things to say to indulge myself with a blog with no direction. You lovely people don't deserve to be subjected to such pointless garbage.

Thanks for reading anyway.

-- Dan "Never Shutting Up" Doolan

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