Friday, 17 October 2008

Back On That Bournemouth Shaped Horse.

Well, some of you might remember an angry little blog I posted about a year ago regarding the status of me and that whole not going back to uni thing. That was the last blog I posted (Forgetting the articles I posted.) Since then, alot of you haven't seen or heard from me.

Now, I could waste this blog telling you about the last year of my life and bringing you up to date, but unfortunately not only is it not interesting, but its something I really would rather forget. All you need to know is that my life is back where it was last year. Back in Bournemouth and Uni continuing where I left off. And what better way to establish that things are back to the norm than bringing my reader-less blog back?

So, earlier this week I logged onto my Myspace for the first time in 12 months with the intention of posting a new blog, only to discover that apparently there was some kind of nuclear assault on Myspace while I was gone and it had to be evacuated leaving only the Ad posting robots to finally inherit it. Which is my roundabout way of saying that people don't actually use it anymore, migrating to the apparently much cooler "Facebook". Sorry, I guess I missed the "New Cool Trend" memo bout that one. Being honest I am yet to be convinced of Facebooks greatness, but with social networking world you have no choice but to go where the people are. It's either that or you try to get conversation out of the Ringtone Advert on your myspace comments.

So I log in to the Facebook account I set up 2 years prior with the intention of posting my first blog in 52 weeks. What? Facebook doesn't have a blog system? What the hell? I was willing to accept the six hundred thousand pointless applications I was getting a day. But no blog? What idiot thought this was better than Myspace? Anywho, as I have already established I don't really have a choice in the matter. So my Myspace account goes unchecked now, and I find myself trying to check my Facebook whenever I get time. But what the hell, where do I post my blog now? Wait! I know, I could actually use my website!

What? That's been shut down due to me not paying the server bill? oops.

Well, desperate times, eh? So, I have started another website that will solely focus on my blog. Because as I discovered with my last website, besides forgetting to pay for it, updating it also frequently slipped my mind. So a simple blog was clearly the answer.

And here it is.

Nice isn't it?

Came with a fantastic .net address (Which was cheap and is paid for yearly instead of monthly which is miles easier to remember.) and a cool new E-mail address.

So, here I am. Back on the Bournemouth shaped horse. Hopeing and praying that I don't get bucked off again.
Wish me luck and expect more (and better) blogs from me in the future.

-- Dan


Anonymous said...

ahhhh. now we know.
well, i guess i'll see you at christmas :¬( until then, keep updating!

Michele said...

Nice to see you are back and posting again. Missed reading your blogs. :)