Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Art of Procrastination.

I have so much too do.
So so so much to do.

I have two 100 page scripts to read, research for a a TV series concept to do, a series bible for said series to write, two 60 page scripts to write, two 2000 word essays and two 2000 word script analysis to finish. But every time I sit down to do any of these my mind goes blank, I have had some ideas, but every time I sit down with the intention of forcing myself into doing any of this work I suddenly remember all sorts of more important things I haven't done yet.

The stuff I'm doing instead IS really important. Honestly.

For example, today I had to make sure I bought those socks I saw the other day but didn't buy at the time because they looked quite thick, but I'm now certain that I need them because you know, winter is coming. You never know, they might be sold out tomorrow. They are mighty fine socks and they are pretty cheap after all. How often do you get a chance to buy nice AND cheap socks? Oh come on, priorities people.

Of course, I also had to keep on top of those dishes. Sure, I didn't feel the need to keep on top of them last month when I had nothing too do and let them fester and pile up until they were growing their own food I found myself eating my cereal from a pint glass I rinsed, but now I have all that work to do they really do need to be done. I can't work in a dirty room can I? What if I smell them or something?

Oh, and a haircut. I definitely couldn't wait for a haircut. My hair was getting in the way of my forehead, which for all you human anatomy experts out there, is near my eyes. And I definitely can't work with hair (nearly) in my eyes. That's the kind of reckless health hazard that gets people like me, not getting any work done. And my work is important.

And I can't start working without checking my email. What if my tutor emails me telling me I don't need to do all that work after all and I miss it? What a waste of time that would be! Also, while I'm already on the internet it only makes sense to check a few other things as well, while I'm there. Surly you understand that it's just time efficient to check things like my message boards, facebook, news websites, digg, my bank account and this sites traffic reports while I'm there.

And food, no one can deny that I needed to eat. Of course I did choose to put together a three course meal over the microwave meal. Which I guess did waste a a couple of minutes.

So with all that out of the way I guess I can finally get down to work, right?

Oh wait. I haven't updated my blog in a couple of days and that's pretty important, so I should do that too.

Ok. Done.

NOW it's time to maybe get some work done.
Then again... I haven't watched any TV in a while....

Thanks for reading.
-- Dan (

PS - Some people have mentioned that now my blog had moved to its own website that it might be hard to keep track of when I update it. So I have set up an update system. If you would like to recive email updates (and no spam, not from me anyway.) when I update my blog then please send an email from the address you wish to recive the updates at to the following addresss.

After that, everytime I update the blog you will recive an email informing you, and this service can be cancelled if you wish, in the same way you signed up.

So as always any thoughts on this or any of my musings on this blog should be sent to.
Thanks for reading... again.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Back On That Bournemouth Shaped Horse.

Well, some of you might remember an angry little blog I posted about a year ago regarding the status of me and that whole not going back to uni thing. That was the last blog I posted (Forgetting the articles I posted.) Since then, alot of you haven't seen or heard from me.

Now, I could waste this blog telling you about the last year of my life and bringing you up to date, but unfortunately not only is it not interesting, but its something I really would rather forget. All you need to know is that my life is back where it was last year. Back in Bournemouth and Uni continuing where I left off. And what better way to establish that things are back to the norm than bringing my reader-less blog back?

So, earlier this week I logged onto my Myspace for the first time in 12 months with the intention of posting a new blog, only to discover that apparently there was some kind of nuclear assault on Myspace while I was gone and it had to be evacuated leaving only the Ad posting robots to finally inherit it. Which is my roundabout way of saying that people don't actually use it anymore, migrating to the apparently much cooler "Facebook". Sorry, I guess I missed the "New Cool Trend" memo bout that one. Being honest I am yet to be convinced of Facebooks greatness, but with social networking world you have no choice but to go where the people are. It's either that or you try to get conversation out of the Ringtone Advert on your myspace comments.

So I log in to the Facebook account I set up 2 years prior with the intention of posting my first blog in 52 weeks. What? Facebook doesn't have a blog system? What the hell? I was willing to accept the six hundred thousand pointless applications I was getting a day. But no blog? What idiot thought this was better than Myspace? Anywho, as I have already established I don't really have a choice in the matter. So my Myspace account goes unchecked now, and I find myself trying to check my Facebook whenever I get time. But what the hell, where do I post my blog now? Wait! I know, I could actually use my website!

What? That's been shut down due to me not paying the server bill? oops.

Well, desperate times, eh? So, I have started another website that will solely focus on my blog. Because as I discovered with my last website, besides forgetting to pay for it, updating it also frequently slipped my mind. So a simple blog was clearly the answer.

And here it is.

Nice isn't it?

Came with a fantastic .net address (Which was cheap and is paid for yearly instead of monthly which is miles easier to remember.) and a cool new E-mail address.

So, here I am. Back on the Bournemouth shaped horse. Hopeing and praying that I don't get bucked off again.
Wish me luck and expect more (and better) blogs from me in the future.

-- Dan

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Testing Testing....

Testing, Testing, one, two.
This thing on?


Erm, this particular post isn't really a blog. More of a test post.
Don't worry, I almost definitely might probably get round to posting a real blog soon.
So come back then.

-- Dan